Mini Splits in Mooresville, NCWhether you own a ducted AC or not, you may benefit from having a mini split in Mooresville, NC. A ductless air conditioner is a heat pump with the same usual components (air handler, compressor, refrigerant line), but it cools one room instead of an entire home. It’s ideal for those who already have ducted AC but need an extra room cooled. It also works well in cases where a home can’t structurally support ductwork. Still others will opt out of ductwork altogether because they know about the energy waste associated with it.

Mini Split Benefits in Mooresville

Once you’ve decided on getting a mini-split, you’ll be surprised by how smoothly the installation goes. There’s a lot of flexibility as to where you can place the two main units, the air handler and the compressor. That’s because the air handler is compact, and the compressor can be separated from it by as much as 50 feet. The refrigerant line that connects the two units is not so wide as those found in ducted heat pumps. It can fit through a three-inch hole in your wall.

Mini Split Benefits in Mooresville

Besides ease of installation, you’ll get these benefits with a mini-split:
  • A system that may last up to 30 years
  • Energy-efficient performance
  • The ability to create temperature zones
  • The ability to direct airflow any way you want

Energy efficiency is the major reason why homeowners in Mooresville buy a ductless air conditioner. After all, ducts are a notorious source of energy waste, as air can seep out through them and never reach the rooms it’s intended for. Matters become worse when the ducts leak or are poorly sealed. Mini-splits eliminate this problem.

Assuming you install more than one mini-split in your home, zoning is another attractive feature. This allows occupants to keep the temperature that they feel is comfortable in their particular area. And when you leave a room, simply shut off the mini-split or raise the temperature. This translates to significant energy savings.

Mooresville Ductless Air Conditioner Experts

Integrity Heating & Cooling has more than 35 years of experience serving Mooresville residents when they choose to install a mini split. We also provide repairs and maintenance for the same systems. You can depend on us for a quick response to all your inquiries. From our headquarters on Sam Roper Drive in Charlotte, we cover the entire surrounding region. Our cooling technicians are punctual, and they always call 30 minutes before arriving. Each is fully licensed, certified, and insured and has undergone a background check and drug screen.

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