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Air Conditioning Maintenance CharlotteDirt and neglect are the number one cause of air conditioner failures. Our Integrity Heating & Cooling Comfort Protection Plan is designed to safeguard your home, your family, your comfort and your pocketbook. Like any complex machinery, your AC unit in Charlotte requires regular maintenance to run at peak efficiency, and ensure years of reliable operation.

Our AC maintenance and tune-up services can keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency. We are always focused on your comfort!

Enrolling in our Comfort Protection Plan will give you maximum savings, comfort, and peace of mind with:

ac tune ups charlotte

  • Thorough maintenance on all air conditioners
  • 10% discount on labor for AC system repairs on covered systems
  • Upgrade to a 1 to 3 year parts and labor warranty on air conditioning repairs
  • Priority response emergency AC maintenance service
  • Preferred scheduling for all other air conditioner repairs or maintenance
  • Reminders for scheduled maintenance
  • Up to a $500 credit on AC replacements

Enrolling in our Comfort Protection Plan ensures you’ll stay comfortable year after year. Taking care of maintenance issues now can save you thousands of dollars in the long-run.

Be Protected with AC Maintenance

By not conducting the proper AC maintenance inspection, you could be wasting a lot of money down the road. Just like all machines out there, things happen and parts wear out over time. And the more a Charlotte air conditioner is used, the more likely an AC tune-up or maintenance is needed. See below for the benefits of AC maintenance and tune-ups:
House Inspections

  • Prevent Costly Repairs
  • Save Money Over Time
  • Have a More Efficient Home
  • Have Peace-of-Mind
  • Less Stress from Repairs
  • Enjoying Cooler Temperatures
  • And More!

No matter the age of your air conditioner in Charlotte, AC maintenance is always a great idea. Getting the proper checkups can not only provide a cooler, more comfortable indoor environment, it can save you tons of money down the road. Our cooling company even offer heating maintenance for your furnace or heat pump, plus AC repair and AC installation services when you need them!

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