Mini Splits in Gastonia, NCMany homeowners are wondering whether mini split installation in Gastonia, NC is right for them. The answer depends on what their situation is. You may have a building set apart from your home, such as a tool shed, that you want cooled, or you may have added a room but don’t want to install extra ductwork. In such cases, a ductless air conditioner provides the ideal solution because it’s meant to cool only a single room.

There are three main parts to a mini-split: the air handler, compressor, and refrigerant line. The air handler is what goes into your room. It’s a compact device that can fit in well with any style of room; you normally mount it on a wall, then run the refrigerant line from there to the outside, where the compressor is. To cool, all the system does is absorb heat from the house and release it outdoors.

Mini Split Installation in Gastonia

From the start, you get to reap certain benefits when you choose a mini splits. The installation is not very complicated, for one thing, and there’s great flexibility as to where to place each component. The compressor and air handler can be as far as 50 feet apart. The refrigerant line is unobtrusive, too, passing into your home via a three-inch hole.

Mini Split Installation in Gastonia

More importantly for the long term, your mini-split will:
  • Run efficiently for 25 to 30 years
  • Minimize energy wastage
  • Provide zoning capabilities
  • Provide directional airflow capabilities

The main draw, we would say, is the mini split’s ability to cut out all energy loss associated with ductwork. The cool air that’s produced stays within your house, and directional airflow allows you to aim it right at everyone. Zoning becomes a possibility with multiple mini splits because each has its own thermostat. This way, your family members can cool their rooms when they like, and then turn off the system when they leave. It maximizes comfort and helps you save more money on your energy bill.

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