Mini Splits in Lake Norman, NCMini-splits in Lake Norman, NC, are perfect for homes that can’t have ductwork and for those that lack ventilation for a single room. If you’re looking into getting a ductless air conditioner, then you probably know how many you want and where you want to install them. Have a professional to consult with, though, so that you can get further details on what the project will involve.

For those who don’t know what mini-splits do, these transfer heat from one location to another. In cooling mode, they transfer it from the home to the outside. The device is known as a heat pump, but unlike traditional heat pumps, it doesn’t carry the cool air through ducts; it blows out into the room where the air handler is installed. This provides immediate comfort with a minimum of energy loss.

Mini-Split in Lake Norman

Though there is a high up-front cost to mini-splits, you’ll love the benefits. It all begins with the installation, which is a hassle-free process in most cases.

Consider the following:
  • You can connect up to eight air handlers to a compressor
  • A compressor can be 50 feet away from an air handler
  • Air handlers can be mounted on almost any wall
  • Air handlers have a sleek, compact design

Mini-Split in Lake NormanThe greatest benefit, though, will be a lower monthly bill. Running one of these systems, when compared to running a ducted heat pump, can save you up to 30% on energy costs because these systems will bring all the cool air into your room; it won’t be lost through any vents. And thanks to directional airflow, you can aim that air right at you for maximum comfort.

Another issue that these units eliminate is the cooling of unoccupied rooms, which is unavoidable in the case of central ACs. With multiple units, you get the additional advantage of zoning: that is, creating different temperature zones based on your occupants’ own idea of what’s a comfortable temperature.

Mini-splits save you money in the long term by lasting longer than the traditional heat pump. You may get 30 years of service from them.

Lake Norman Ductless Air Conditioner

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