Mini Splits in Cornelius, NCYou probably have good reason to look into a mini-split for your home in Cornelius, NC. Maybe you’re building a brand-new home and you’d rather have a ductless air conditioner in every room than deal with the hassle of ductwork. Or it could be that you have a small-scale project involving a room addition or an outbuilding that needs cooling.

Whatever the situation, you can rely on mini-splits to provide you with years of efficient performance. Mini-splits are just like ducted heat pumps in that they can transfer heat energy out of the home in cooling mode and into the home in heating mode. They don’t require any fuel, but they do use a chemical called refrigerant. A refrigerant line connects the indoor unit with the outdoor unit.

Mini-Split for Cornelius Residents

There are three components that will be installed if you decide to buy a ductless air conditioner here in Cornelius. The indoor unit, called the air handler, would be mounted on your wall while the outdoor unit, the compressor, can be placed anywhere within 50 feet of the air handler. The refrigerant line can enter your home unobtrusively through a 3-inch hole in the wall.

As for the benefits, these will depend on how many mini-splits you install. In general, they can:

  • Last for up to 30 years
  • Cut down on energy loss
  • Boost indoor air quality
  • Allow for personalized indoor comfort

Mini-Split for Cornelius ResidentsSince mini-splits come with no ducts, all the cool air they make goes directly into the room. Moreover, thanks to directional airflow, you can aim that cool air directly on yourself rather than disperse it to where it does no good. Each mini-split comes with its own thermostat, too, letting you shut off the system whenever the room is unoccupied. With multiple mini-splits, you can have different temperature “zones,” each one suited to the occupant’s comfort level.

Cornelius Ductless Air Conditioner Pros

Now that the time has come to discuss mini-split installation in Cornelius, look to Integrity Heating & Cooling to send out a cooling technician for a consultation. It won’t take us long to do this; our office is close to the I-485 and I-77 Interchange. We’ll even call you half an hour before we arrive! Trust us for professional work and great customer care because our company has BBB accreditation and an A+ rating. We’re backed by more than 35 years of experience in the cooling industry, and we work with some of the most reliable brands in the business.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and our scheduling is flexible, so call today!

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