Mini Splits in Huntersville, NCAre you wondering if a mini-split in Huntersville, NC would be right for your home? A professional cooling technician from Integrity Heating & Cooling could tell you what the benefits of owning a ductless air conditioner are, whether you already have ducted air conditioning or not. The fact is that some homeowners with a ducted AC system need an extra room cooled, such as an outbuilding or a room addition. Others opt for a series of mini-split systems to cool the whole home because they don’t want the hassle of ductwork or their home’s structure won’t permit it.

Mini-split systems are heat pumps that cool a single room. Like a traditional heat pump, they connect to a compressor outside and use refrigerant to do their job. They are, of course, much less bulky. The air handler can fit snugly on any wall or even hang from the ceiling, and the refrigerant line can easily pass through a three-inch hole in the wall. It’s really no sweat to install these.

Mini-Split Advantages in Huntersville

The first thing to decide on is where to install a mini-split in your Huntersville home. If you install more than one, this will influence where you place the compressor. You don’t want the compressor in a conspicuous area. Fortunately, it can be separated by as much as 50 feet from the air handlers. After that, the installers will ensure that you know how to use the mini-split system. A thermostat accompanies each one.

Mini-Split Advantages in Huntersville

In all, you can expect these benefits with a mini-split:
  • Temperature zoning controls
  • Directional airflow
  • The maximum in energy efficiency
  • Up to 25 or 30 years of performance

With mini-splits in each room, you can have different temperature “zones” according to each occupant’s comfort level. And when a room is unoccupied, the device in that room won’t need to run. The result is greater comfort and financial savings. Mini-split systems save you a ton of money, though, just by virtue of having no ducts through which the air can be lost. We believe that all of this will more than justify the relatively high upfront cost of mini-splits.

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