Man Adjusting Digital Central Heating Thermostat At HomeInstalling smart thermostats in Charlotte, NC, is a quick and easy way for homeowners to cut their heating and cooling costs and lower their carbon footprints. In fact, according to ENERGY STAR, you can reduce your HVAC-related energy use by as much as 8% with this upgrade alone. These appliances offer impressive functions and features that standard and programmable thermostats do not. They allow for remote temperature monitoring and control.

As learning devices, they also become increasingly adept at making needs-specific temperature adjustments independently. At Integrity Heating & Cooling, we provide expert smart thermostat installation and offer the latest and most innovative smart thermostat models. We help our clients get the most from these devices with seamless smart home system integration and helpful information on how to use and care for them.

Our HVAC Services in Charlotte, NC Include:

Smart Thermostats in Charlotte

Smart thermostats can simultaneously hold the programming for multiple pre-set temperature changes like programmable thermostats. This makes it easy to lower or raise your indoor temperature by several degrees before stepping out or turning in for the night. Using a smart thermostat’s branded mobile app, you can make adjustments while away via your Internet-connected phone, tablet, or computer.

Smart, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats help homeowners maintain safe, comfortable, and healthy homes in multiple ways:
  • HVAC performance alerts
  • Air quality alerts
  • Energy consumption tracking
  • Detailed energy reports
  • HVAC maintenance reminders

Thermostat-House-carrierMany of the latest smart thermostat models also offer geo-fencing, which creates virtual perimeters around homes. When building residents exit unexpectedly or move from zone to zone, these devices can automatically adjust their temperatures to reflect new heating and cooling needs.

You can choose a smart thermostat perfectly compatible with your other smart home features. Integrating this device with your smart home system allows you to optimize energy savings and enjoy increased convenience. These HVAC system upgrades modernize homes and add to their marketability and value.

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Expert Smart Thermostat Installation

Professional smart thermostat installation in Charlotte is critical to leveraging these devices effectively and prolonging their lifespans. We hardwire smart thermostats directly into electrical systems while ensuring reliability and safety. With smart home integration, we also make it easy for our clients to access and control their new units while away. We’ll show you how to download and use your smart thermostat’s branded mobile app, create and view energy consumption reports, leverage geo-fencing capabilities, and more.

We offer an expansive selection of quality, cutting-edge smart thermostat models. Proudly serving Charlotte for over 35 years, we provide 100% satisfaction guarantees, pre-arrival notifications, and an outstanding range of smart Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats and other HVAC products.

To learn more about owning smart thermostats in Charlotte, contact Integrity Heating & Cooling now.

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