Mini Splits in Charlotte, NCIf you’ve been considering mini split cooling in Charlotte, NC home, you may be pleased to find out that they are perfect for residences with multiple occupants. If you have an extended family and live in a large house, a ductless air conditioner can keep everyone comfortable in their own space.

Each person can adjust the temperature for their area of the home without affecting anyone else. This works great for that individual family member who likes their room super cold at night. It also saves utility costs because the rest of the house can be set to an energy-efficient 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Zone cooling allows you to set the preferred temperature for particular rooms without impacting other areas.

Mini Split Cooling in Charlotte

Mini split air conditioners are perfect for use in residential and commercial buildings. They work great for multi-family housing or as add-ons to homes with non-ducted heating systems, such as wood stoves, radiant panels, or space heaters. They also work well for tiny homes and mother-in-law apartments.

One advantage of a mini split system is that it takes up very little room. The indoor unit can be hung flush to a wall and turned off and on by remote control. This type of system will use less energy than a central air system and keep utility bills low. Air leaks in traditional systems account for up to 30% of energy consumption. Since there is no ductwork with the split system, there is no energy loss either.

Mini Split Cooling in CharlotteTraditional systems don’t always cool evenly, and they also don’t allow for individual comfort levels. A traditional cooling system controls the temperature for the entire house from a single thermostat. Ductless mini splits each have their own thermostat, which can be set to any temperature you like. Therefore, each room can be adjusted to different comfort settings.

There are numerous benefits of ductless air conditioners.
  • Energy efficiency
  • Humidity control
  • Quiet operation
  • Design options

Local Ductless Air Conditioner Experts

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