What You Should Know About Home Ventilation

No matter the size of your home, proper ventilation is essential if you want your home to maintain its excellent air quality for years to come. Good ventilation means that you’ll breathe in clean and pure air, which should assist in keeping you healthy. Even if you already believe that every room in your home is properly ventilated, there are a couple of rooms that might benefit from some additional circulation.

What Does Ventilation Refer To?

Ventilation refers to the act of clean air being provided to a room or home while any stale air is removed. Proper ventilation can occur by opening windows, installing exhaust fans, and using ceiling fans. Certain areas in the home require more ventilation than others. If you cook on a regular basis, your kitchen needs high amounts of ventilation to make sure that grease and other particles can be removed properly. The bathrooms in your home, as well as the attic, should also be ventilated more than other rooms.

Importance of Good Home Ventilation

Good home ventilation is beneficial in a number of ways. A home that is properly ventilated will control impurities more effectively to provide you with a healthier living environment. When your home is ventilated correctly, such impurities as bacteria, pollutants, and moisture will be expelled whenever they are introduced into the air. Proper ventilation should also reduce the chances of moisture buildup in your home, which lessens the risk of mold development. Bad ventilation increases the risks of health problems like sinusitis, headaches, asthma, and allergies.

Energy Recovery and Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Two types of ventilation systems that we provide service for at Integrity Heating & Cooling include energy recovery and heat recovery ventilation systems. An ERV system works by taking heat energy and moisture out of the fresh air that enters your home and transferring it to the stale air stream that’s being released outside, which ensures that your home is kept cool. An HRV system takes the heat from the stale air in your home and transfers it to the fresh air stream that’s being sent inside. The stale air is then removed from your home. Both systems provided similar results.

At Integrity Heating & Cooling, we know how to make sure your home is well ventilated. Call Integrity Heating & Cooling today if you’re interested in improving the ventilation throughout your Charlotte home.

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