Why You Need to Change the Filters in Your Home

When it comes to maintaining your home, it can be easy to forget about the filters for your HVAC system. The filters need to be changed every two to three months to avoid common issues with air quality. Here are a few reasons why you need to change the filters in your home.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

The filters improve the air flow in the building and prevent the HVAC system from working too hard as it operates. By changing the filters, it can prevent excess wear and tear on the appliance, which can allow you to avoid expensive repairs that may be needed over time.

Improve the Air Quality

Filters are designed to collect particles in the air that residents would otherwise breathe in. When the filters become clogged or dirty, it can affect the quality of the air and lead to allergies, asthma and respiratory issues. By changing the filters every few months, it will improve indoor air quality to protect the health of the residents and create a more habitable setting.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

Filters that are dirty and need to be replaced can cause the HVAC system to work extra hard to operate. This is due to a lack of proper air flow. You may notice an increase in your energy bill because of the dirty air filters. Replacing the filters more frequently throughout the year may cost more, but you get to recoup the money that you spend with a lower energy bill each month. Replacing the air filters in the home requires the help of a professional to ensure that you use the right product for space. A professional will also let you know when to change it.

To learn more about investing in quality air filters that work efficiently, contact us at Integrity Heating & Cooling to speak to one of our knowledgeable technicians. We provide heating and air conditioning services for residents throughout Charlotte and Denver, NC.

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