Why Indoor Heaters Are Dangerous to Your Health & Wallet

If you are using an indoor heater for your home, you might want to reconsider that decision. Indoor heaters might be able to warm up a cold room, but they can damage your wallet and health. Before you use an indoor heater this winter, here are a few things that you need to know.

The Safety of Indoor Heaters

When you use an indoor heater, you are creating a dangerous environment for your home. These indoor heaters have been linked to fires, and they can cause toxic gases to seep into the air. Along with the health risks, an indoor heater adds more costs to your house’s heating bills. Many of these units are not efficient. If you still want an indoor unit for your space, there are several indoor heating options. Here is a brief look at some of these popular heating choices designed for your home.

Fuel Heaters

For those homeowners who need to heat large spaces, these fuel heaters are very popular. They are very efficient at warming up big rooms. However, these units still have their own problems. If you want the heater to function, then you need fuel to operate it. During the winter season, those fuel costs can be expensive.

There is one major problem with these fuel heaters, which is that they can emit carbon monoxide into the air. This lethal gas can accumulate in an enclosed space and cause severe health issues, including death. Most people do not want to purchase a product that can produce these toxic gases.

Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are considered a great alternative to other types of heating systems. They are used to heat uninsulated rooms. These heaters will release electromagnetic energy to warm up the surrounding air. However, radiant heaters need time to heat up a room. If you want a fast fix for indoor heating needs, this is not a heater for you.

There are drawbacks to these units. A radiant heater becomes very hot on the outside of the unit, so you do not want to place it near an area that could catch on fire. If you have children or animals, then this unit might become a danger in your home.

Convection Heaters

There are plenty of advantages to using a convection heater. These heaters can heat a room with an even distribution of warm air. However, these units take a long time to heat up a space. Despite that, many homeowners still choose this heater for their indoor spaces. If you have problems with dust allergies, it might be time to find another product. As these heaters move air around the room, they tend to pick up dust. As a result, you could experience breathing issues, watery eyes or sneezing. Convection heaters create a ripe environment for stirring up allergy symptoms.

Filler Heaters

For those small spaces, a filler heater is another option for your house. The filler heater is an oil heater that is a safe alternative for indoor spaces. These heaters are very effective for non-insulated spaces. However, since they are filled with oil, there is a greater chance of spillage in your residence. If the hot oil comes in contact with your skin, you could suffer severe injuries. A filler heater is another unit that can produce dangerous carbon monoxide. This type of heater is known to cause other serious health problems for some homeowners. For those reasons, you do not want to add this dangerous heating unit to your property.

Steam Heaters

Steam heaters have been around for many years. Many people still use this type of heating element. In older homes, these heaters might be several years old and not include modern safety features. Steam heaters are considered an old-fashioned way to heat a house.

While steam heaters are a reliable way to heat your home, you may have to spend a few dollars to keep these units properly maintained. When in operation, these units are also very loud. For homeowners who want some peace and quiet, steam heaters are not the best choice.

Tips to Avoid Using an Indoor Heater

Indoor heaters should be used as a last resort. If you want to keep your house nice and toasty, you must maintain the health of your HVAC system. When the temperatures start to drop, you want to rely on your household system. When you keep up on maintenance, there is no reason to turn to alternative heating solutions.

Maintaining your HVAC system will keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Changing your air filter is an easy way to maintain your system. When the air filters are blocked with dirt and dust, it can cause problems for your unit. Dirty filters lead to reduced efficiency. In the long run, your HVAC system might break down. If you want to avoid those problems, then you need to take the time to clean your air filters. They should be cleaned once a month, and filters should be replaced every three months.

If you want to run an efficient unit, then you need to schedule a professional maintenance visit. You can do essential maintenance yourself, but you will want to work with an experienced technician for those more challenging jobs. A trained technician can inspect your entire system and make sure it is operating at an optimal level.

Vents should be cleaned on a regular basis as well. With an unobstructed air vent, your HVAC system will continue to operate for many years. A cleaned vent can also prevent dust and debris from flowing throughout your house. Blocked ducts can cause problems for your HVAC system. In addition, obstructed airflow can create issues for your equipment in the future.

Finally, a programmable thermostat is another benefit for your HVAC system. You can improve the sustainability and performance of your HVAC with this component. When you are not home, you can still adjust the temperature throughout the day. These thermostats can save you some money. With a programmable thermostat, it is a convenient way to monitor the temperature in your home.

Never Use an Indoor Heater

In certain circumstances, these indoor heaters might seem like a good choice. However, many of these units can cause harmful gases to leak into your home. The metal on the outside of the container can create fires or injuries. In addition to the health concerns, these indoor heaters are not considered a budget-friendly way to warm up your house. In the winter, you want a reliable heating system. With a little extra care, you can keep your existing HVAC system in top shape.

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