What Thermostat Temperature is Best for the Winter?

During the winter months, it can be a balancing act to keep your home warm while also holding your heating bill to a minimum. The good news is that there are ways to keep everyone in your home comfortable without wasting energy.

Adjust the Thermostat to Your Needs

Most people prefer an indoor temperature of approximately 68 degrees, although you can easily set your thermostat a bit lower. However, while you’re sleeping at night, this much warmth probably isn’t necessary. Energy.gov tells us that by setting your temperature back by 10 degrees at night, you can save about 10% on your overall heating bill. Make this adjustment before you retire for bed. If you have a smart thermostat, you can program it to accommodate this change and also warm back up a half hour before you rise. There’s also no need to keep the house as warm as you like it when you are not at home. Set these same adjustments for the period when you’re away at work. If you have a zoned heating system, you can also keep the heat on in rooms people are occupying and off in rooms no one is currently using.

Make Sure That the Furnace and Ducts Are Cleaned

At Integrity Heating & Cooling in Charlotte, we can maintain your furnace as well as make sure that your ducts are clean and in good condition. This is important because a dirty furnace will have to work harder to heat the home to your liking. Furthermore, dirty or cracked ducts may make it harder for enough warm air to get into every room of your home. Ultimately, you’ll have to keep the thermostat higher than you would like or keep the furnace running longer than you would otherwise need to.

Temperature Settings Can Be Adjusted as Weather Conditions Change

While 68 degrees is an ideal temperature under normal conditions, feel free to adjust your thermostat higher during periods of extreme cold. In fact, it may be a good idea to keep your home extra warm during periods of freezing weather to prevent damage to your pipes. This may prevent them from bursting.

If you should need more information or further assistance, the team from Integrity Heating & Cooling can take care of all your heating and cooling needs. In addition, we can perform indoor air quality testing and install standby generators. Give our Charlotte or Denver offices a call today.

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