Do You Need Indoor Air Quality Testing?

At Integrity Heating & Cooling, local customers know us as the company that can handle their heating and cooling systems. However, we know that there is more to your indoor climate than temperature. The air in your home can carry an assortment of dust particles, irritants, and chemicals. There are several reasons why you might want to get indoor air quality testing.

Age of the Home

If you are thinking about buying an older home, checking the air quality might be a wise move. Older homes often do not have dedicated AC systems. Because these homes were draftier than modern buildings, the builders trusted that there would be a natural exchange of fresh and stale air. The lack of ventilation means irritants, especially volatile organic compounds, which can accumulate over the years. There may also be mold growth in the ducts that you can have the seller address before you buy the house.

Water Damage

Recent flooding or a history of flooding is another reason to have the air quality inspected. When there is water damage inside the walls, it is the perfect condition for mold growth. An air quality inspection will help you determine if there is a problem before opening up the walls.

Health Issues

One of the most common signs of an air quality problem is a chronic, unexplained health problem. For people with respiratory issues, bad air quality can lead to breathing problems and asthma attacks. Other people may have different symptoms. Poor air quality can make it difficult to sleep, leading to chronic fatigue. People in homes with poor air quality have frequent headaches and nausea. Many of these symptoms will clear up when they leave the home for a few days. If you have health problems that you cannot explain, home air quality testing may give you a solution.

Integrity Heating & Cooling is here for all your heating, cooling, and air quality needs. We are dedicated to keeping our customers comfortable in every season. Contact us today to learn more about air quality testing or other home comfort information. We serve customers throughout Charlotte, NC, and Denver, NC.

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