Biggest Reasons Your Heating Bill is Too High

While it’s natural for the heating bill to go up when the winter months roll around, a time may come when you notice the bill is too high. There are a number of things that could explain this, and a few of the most common are given below.

Faulty Thermostat

Without calibration, the thermostat may heat your rooms to the wrong temperature. In other cases, the thermostat may be incorrectly wired, leading it to both warm and cool your home at the same time.

Homeowners themselves can be to blame for high heating bills. For instance, they may not bother to program their thermostat, causing it to turn on at unnecessary times (like when one is asleep or out of the home). They may also have the temperature set too high. Anything above 68 degrees can be excessive.

Ventilation Issues

The thermostat may work just fine, but perhaps the warm air is not getting where it needs to go. This could be due to a leak in the ductwork or a disconnected duct. As a result, the heater will run longer to reach the desired temperature. Other issues that can impact your heating bill include blocks in airflow, especially dirt in the air filters and furniture in front of vents.

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A Drafty Home

Assuming that nothing is wrong with the thermostat or heater, your home may be contributing to the high bills. Doors and windows are notorious for letting warm air out, and the attic may have wide openings, too.

100% Guaranteed Heating Services

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