Take Advantage of the Comfort and Security of Home Backup Power

Generac Standby GeneratorWhen the power goes out, you need to be protected. Install a standby generator and automatically protect your home and family with backup power! Our generators are designed to kick on and provide power directly to your electrical system so you’re never left in the dark. You can trust Integrity Heating & Cooling with all your generator needs in the Charlotte area!

Facts about our reliable home standby generators:
  • Run on gas or liquid propane fuel
  • Sit outside like an AC unit
  • Provide backup to the entire home or just essential appliances
  • Offering industry-best Generac brand generators

Monitor Your Generator From Your Phone, Computer Or Tablet

All Generac Guaradian Series generators come with Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring technology. This allows you to monitor your the operating status and maintenance requirements of your system whether you’re home or away. With easily and conveniently accessible information, you can rest assured knowing you’re always up-to-date on your home’s power protection.

Generac Generators Take Care of Business Automatically

With a Generac generator, you don’t have to worry about being around to turn on your generator when the power goes out: it turns on automatically! And when the power comes back on, your generator will automatically shut off as well. Generac generators give you the peace of mind that your home’s power is taken care of whether you’re home or not!

Generac standby generators tie into your existing natural gas or liquid propane fuel supply, so they always have fuel when it’s needed — just like your stove or furnace. That way, you never have to worry about running out of fuel or resupplying with clunky gas cans!

Generac Number One Supplier

We’re Charlotte’s #1 Generac Generator Supplier

With automatic operation, impeccable reliability, and remote monitoring technology, Generac brand backup generators are your best bet for home power protection. Integrity Heating & Cooling is the premier Generac dealer in Charlotte and surrounding area. Get in touch with us and move forward with the ultimate in standby generator technology!

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