Why Closing Vents Is a Bad Idea

Many people think that closing vents in certain rooms can help save money. If you’re tempted to try this in your home, we urge you to reconsider. When vents are closed, your heating system has to work harder to warm your house. Heating systems are designed to work in a certain way. By closing vents, you may be harming your system. Here are a few reasons you should never close vents in your home.

Keep Vents Open

In most cases, your heating system uses pressure to push air through your home. When a vent is closed, the pressure isn’t balanced and can cause problems for your system. Heating and air conditioning systems pull in and push out the same volume of air.

The proper balance of air helps your system run more efficiently. An off-balance system can create issues for your house. A buildup of pressure can damage the ductwork too. You’ll start to see leaks and lose energy efficiency with your system. This pressure can even put a strain on the motor and other parts in your cooling or heating system. At Integrity Heating & Cooling, our technicians will check your HVAC sytem or furnace to make sure it’s operating efficiently in your home.

Closed Vents Don’t Help With Energy Bills

Closed vents don’t help with lowering your energy bills. As stated before, the buildup of pressure in the ducts will only make your heating system work harder in your house. By closing vents, warm or cool air can’t properly move throughout your home. Closed vents are a recipe for disaster for your heating system. You run the risk of damaging the system when vents are closed. If you need to lower your energy bills, there are simpler options. You can contact your local heating company to get a few suggestions for your property.

There are other ways to lower your heating or cooling expenses. You may even consider replacing your unit for a more energy-efficient model. Make sure to contact Integrity Heating & Cooling for the best recommendations for your home. We have offices in Charlotte and Denver, NC.

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