What Is Super Cooling?

Girls Jumping on the BedYou can lower your energy consumption and your air conditioning bill by using a process called supercooling. This involves making changes in energy consumption so that your air conditioner runs at the coldest temperature during non-peak hours to keep the costs low.

4 Steps to Supercooling Your Home

North Carolina is one of top 10 electricity-generating states, and three-fifths of this state’s households use electricity for home heating and air conditioning. To reduce costs, you will want to take one or more of these steps to supercool your home:

1. Adjust your thermostat or AC during non-peak and peak hours. Non-peak hours vary depending upon immediate location and time of year but generally begin sometime after 9 p.m. until sometime before 10 a.m. You could, for example, program your thermostat to run at about 73 degrees overnight and maybe set it for 80 degrees or higher during the day. This works best if you also keep the sun out with the shades during the day.

2. Keep your shades closed but windows open. Having the windows open overnight will provide a breeze without the hot sun. However, you will want to keep your shades closed during the day to keep out the sun heat. You also might not want to keep your windows open on an exceptionally hot but windy night. You can also shade your window and cooling unit areas with tall plants that can absorb sunlight and heat.

3. Have your air conditioner maintained every season. The older your unit is, this increases the chance of losing the efficiency you once had. However, you can have it cleaned and inspected to preserve the lifespan of it and have obstructions removed from it to improve performance.

4. Install a more energy-efficient cooling system. You can usually tell if your AC unit needs replacement. For instance, it might not blow air as powerfully as it did when you first started using it. If your home still feels stuffy even when running it, or if your unit is more than 15 years old, those also indicate you might need to replace it.

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