What is Duct Sealing?

The ducts in your home are important, so they have to be maintained. When they need to be sealed, you are advised to hire professionals in the HVAC industry to complete the work for you. If the ducts in your house are leaking, you will want to have them sealed right away. Here are a few things to know about duct sealing.

Does Your Home Have Ducts?

If there is a forced-air system in your house that pushes cold and warm air throughout the indoors, your home has ducts. The ducts distribute the air into every room that has an appropriate opening.

Why Would They Need to Be Sealed?

It is estimated that 20-30% of the air produced by your heating and cooling unit is lost on the way to its intended destination. This is because the ducts leak, were not optimally constructed, or are losing their strength and starting to sag. If you notice that your energy bills are beginning to rise, the ducts could be the culprit.

What Are the Benefits of Duct Sealing?

The biggest benefit of sealing ducts is energy efficiency. The air that gets distributed around your home ends up at its destination instead of in-between the walls. This leads to less use of the heating and cooling units.

How Are Ducts Sealed?

There are several ways to seal ducts, including:

  • Mastic sealant
  • Metal tape
  • Insulation

What Is the Best Way to Seal the Ducts?

Keep in mind that the ducts of your home are not easy to access. Therefore, you are encouraged to hire HVAC professionals in Charlotte, NC, to complete the work for you. The team of experts will bring the right equipment and skills to the job. Our technicians have the training necessary to access the ducts, crawl through spaces, and do the work correctly the first time.

To speak with an HVAC professional about duct sealing, contact Integrity Heating & Cooling today. We provide heating and cooling services throughout Charlotte, NC, including repairs, maintenance, and installation.

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