What Happens

When You Invest in Comfort Conditioning For Your Home or Business, The Important Factors to Consider Are:

Which team will provide you with the unparalleled polite and courteous support that confirms that you have made the right choice for your investment.
Who installs your equipment and how it is installed. No matter how good the equipment is that is installed, it is doomed if it is not installed correctly.
Our company guarantees these essentials for customer comfort and satisfaction, the equipment’s life and its efficiency.

For a Great Installation We:


  • Review your comfort requirements and desires (uneven temperatures, dust or allergies, noisy systems, equipment efficiency, dry winters, inefficient duct work).
  • Review the different types of equipment available and how it will satisfy your preferences.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork for existing utility rebates and provide certificates needed for Tax Credits.
  • Thoroughly inspect your duct work for efficiency, mold and integrity and last but by no means least, we perform a load calculation that is required by State Law.
  • Plan the installation with you to accommodate and minimize disruption to your daily routine.
  • Our factory trained professionals use an OEM check list to check and record the necessary temperatures, pressures and efficiency of the designed system.
  • During our installation process your home will be protected with floor protectors and all professionals wear “booties” upon entrance to the home to keep it clean. All professionals are fully insured and receive factory authorized training.

Completed Replacement Jobs

Completed Replacement JobsAfter your home and your car, your heating & air conditioning system is your most important investment. To ensure an unmatched level of quality all professionals will complete our “Comfort System quality installation check list” upon completion of the installation. Our team will perform a “Quality Control Audit” to keep our commitment to providing the highest quality installation from start to finish.

  • All refrigerants from old system are recovered per EPA standards and returned for recycling.
  • All professionals are certified by the EPA to handle refrigerants.
  • All old mercury bulb type thermostats are properly disposed of.
  • All Newly installed systems to be installed with 410A(environmentally friendly refrigerant) per EPA standards.
  • All used equipment is recycled.
  • All used refrigerants are properly reclaimed and recycled.

Consult Energy Star for Advice on Picking the Right Contractor