The Dangers of Not Getting Your AC Fixed

Girl cooling off in need of AC repair in  NCWith summertime nearly in full swing, there are probably very few days you haven’t turned on the air conditioner at least once. It keeps that pesky humidity away so everyone in the house is nice and cool. What more can you ask for?

A working air conditioner, for one. Everything was going fine until yours just broke out of nowhere. Money might be a little tight right now, so you think you can ignore the issue. You use oscillating fans around the house during the day to keep things cool. It’s not great, but it will do until summer ends, right?

Not fixing your air conditioner can actually be dangerous. Here are some reasons to why:

Dust, Dirt, and Debris Can Buildup in the Unit

A technician is supposed to come by every few months and clean out the exterior and interior components of your air conditioner. They will also change out the filters, which can get clogged with dirt and dust. If your air conditioner is broken, there’s no need to call out a technician, right? As a result, sticks, small rocks, dirt, mud, dust, and other debris build up, becoming much harder to remove. You could have to get certain parts of your AC unit reinstalled.

Rusting and Corrosion Can Occur

If it’s a super humid and wet summer, there’s a chance the unit could rust or corrode. The damage may be external or internal. In most instances, the parts that are affected will have to be thrown away and replaced with brand new ones. This can be quite expensive. It’s better not to let it get to this point.

You’ll Sweat…a Lot!

The worst side effect of not getting your air conditioner fixed is how it’s going to impact you and your loved ones. Even with oscillating fans and the summer breeze at night, nothing beats the encompassing coolness of an air conditioner. You want to enjoy your summer this year, right? Of course, you do. Don’t spend time unnecessarily sweating.

It’s Time to Get Your AC Fixed

At Integrity Heating & Cooling, we’re a trusted choice for repairing and replacing both air conditioners and heating units, especially those from Lennox and Trane. We’ve worked with Lake Norman, Concord, Gastonia, and Charlotte customers for nearly 40 years.

Our services include indoor air quality testing, heating services, duct sealing and other ductwork, and air conditioner maintenance, repairs, and replacements. To set up your appointment, please call 704-469-5530 or visit us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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