When residents need reliable indoor air quality in Mooresville, NC, they turn to Integrity Heating & Cooling. The health of your home or office is essential all year, but you probably pay attention to it during winter, when you spend most of your time inside. An old “old wives’ tale” claims that staying out in the cold can cause adverse health effects, but the exact opposite is true. Extended exposure to poor indoor air quality, increased demand on your HVAC system, and getting close to other people for extended periods increases your chances of getting sick, irrespective of the weather outside.

Indoor Air Quality in Mooresville, NC

Products and materials inside your home or office constantly release a mix of particles and gases in the air, including volatile organic compounds, viruses, and bacteria. Ironically, the HVAC system you depend on to heat and cool your home or business may spread contaminants around your space every time it completes a cycle. When impurities get into your home or office, it’s hard for them to get out. At Integrity Heating & Cooling, we offer outstanding home air quality testing services to help improve the air quality inside your Mooresville property.

Indoor Air Quality in Mooresville

EPA asserts that the air inside your home or business is two to five times more contaminated than the outside air. Compromised indoor air exposes you to harmful particles, including mold, dust, pollen, and dander, which can have troubling side effects. Luckily, we can offer professional home air quality testing and a range of products that can remove 99.9% of the contaminants that threaten the safety and quality of the air inside your Mooresville home or business.

Some of our products include:
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • Air filters and purifiers
  • UV lights
  • Whole-house ventilation systems
    Indoor Air Quality in Mooresville

Our technicians will perform thorough tests in your home or business and recommend the best solution to address the air problem. As a Trane and Lennox Premier Dealer, we’re uniquely qualified to assess your indoor space, give accurate information, and install the best equipment for your unique situation.

We also offer indoor air quality services in:

Home Air Quality Testing Team

100 percent satisfcationAt Integrity Heating & Cooling, we’ve been helping our Mooresville clients meet their indoor air quality needs for over 35 years. We take pride in having a team of qualified heating and cooling technicians who believe in doing the right thing and 100% customer satisfaction. We’re experienced, and all our technicians pass drug tests and background checks for your safety and ease of mind. We understand that keeping your loved ones and employees safe is your number one priority; that’s why we offer customized solutions to your unique air quality problem. We’re based out of an office on Sam Roper Drive in Charlotte, and we have the knowledge, experience, and products needed to meet all your comfort needs.

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