HVAC ContractorTrust our HVAC contractor in Pineville, NC to provide quality HVAC services. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems basically control indoor climates by taking in air then heating, cooling and recirculating the air into a specific room or throughout a home or building.

Over time, the system’s proper functioning commonly requires the repair, maintenance or installation services provided by our HVAC company, Integrity Heating & Cooling.

Pineville HVAC Contractor Repair Services

The longer a home or business continues using the same HVAC system, the greater the likelihood that symptoms arise indicating the need for repair services. Our technicians can help with your HVAC system.

Our HVAC company technicians perform service calls related to an array of common concerns:
  • Frequent malfunctions
  • Excessive indoor humidity
  • Increased utility bills
  • Unusual noises during HVAC cycles
  • Refrigerant leaks

HVAC Contractor RepairsOther concerning symptoms include air conditioning units emitting warm or hot air. Conversely, the furnace, heat pump or other type of heating unit may circulate cool air.

The obvious malfunction requires inspecting, diagnosing and repairing services our heating and cooling company performs. Temperature-appropriate air might come through the vents. However, the air flow seems decreased for some reason.

Strange odors noted while the system cycles often indicate potential health and safety issues. A smell of mildew commonly indicates mold infestation, which means spores are ejected into the air. Smells of warm plastic or rubber suggest serious overheating of the system’s wiring insulation.

Reliable and Efficient HVAC Installation

A request for HVAC system installations remain common in newly constructed homes or business structures. However, frequent system malfunctions in combination with an aging appliance typically indicates the need for a new HVAC appliance.

This is where Integrity Heating & Cooling can help. Advancements pertaining to available products enable owners to mix and match system components according to their individual needs.

Today’s units are more energy efficient while coming in a wide selection of sizes that regulate temperatures in individual spaces or entire indoor environments. Our HVAC technicians capably recommend unit configuration options depending on desires and needs.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans

HVAC Company for Expert Maintenance

Regular maintenance remains necessary in order to ensure optimal performance from any HVAC system. System manufacturers typically recommend annual assessments of heating and cooling components.

Otherwise, waiting until the appliance exhibits unusual symptoms results in repairs, which take larger chunks of family or business budgets. Our technicians perform maintenance calls and visually inspect systems inside and out to locate and replace any worn components.

We discover and correct potential problems by running the units through typical operating cycles. Let one of our representatives at Integrity Heating & Cooling assist you in establishing a routine maintenance schedule.

For consumers in the Pineville area, contact our HVAC contractor at Integrity Heating & Cooling to learn how we can provide all of your heating and cooling system needs.