How Does an HVAC System Work?

The term “HVAC” stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. These systems are intricate, and they do a good job of keeping your home comfortable during both the winter and the summer. But do you know how they operate? At Integrity Heating & Cooling, we find the process fascinating and thought you might, too. Here are a few details about your HVAC system and how it functions.

The Heating Element

The heating part of your HVAC unit is the furnace. Central heating systems feature a burner, flue, blower and heat exchanger. The burner activates when the thermostat requests heat. To follow through, the burner sends fuel to the heat exchanger. This starts the heating process. The heat exchanger is the part that intakes air and transforms the fuel and air into the heat that will be sent into your home via the ducts.


The ventilation aspect of the HVAC system consists of a flue and vent pipes. Some systems also include an intake or a vent for fresh air. When the system has an air intake, it brings the warm air to the proper temperature before it sends it out into your home. The vent pipe and the flue keep your home’s air safe to breathe.

Air Conditioning Component

The air conditioning component of an HVAC system is usually installed at the same time as the central heating system. The two systems work together to give you the best temperature control. Often, these systems share ductwork. Most central air conditioners are two-part systems or split units. They contain an exterior section that has a compressor, condenser coil, electrical components, and a fan. Air conditioning systems also feature an evaporator coil, piping, refrigerant and a thermostat to control the temperature.

Working Together

HVAC systems feature everything that the interior of your home needs to stay comfortable, which means that it’s important to maintain the unit regularly. Contact us at Integrity Heating & Cooling to learn more or to arrange service. We perform HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair for both residential and commercial clients in Charlotte and Denver, North Carolina. We can also test your air quality.

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