Can’t Sleep? Maybe It’s The Temperature In Your Room!

sleeping Can’t sleep? Well, you may take comfort in knowing that you are among the 30 percent of Americans who struggle with insomnia-related issues. Many people fall asleep easily, but wake up just three to four hours later. According to the Sleep Institute, this is common, and it often has to do with your bedroom temperature or air quality.

For example, one person reported to the Sleep Institute that they had followed their wife’s suggestion to keep the thermostat lower at night. He felt it was cold, though, and then ended up setting their thermostat at 60, but piled the blankets on. It wasn’t warm enough, apparently. When his doctor recommended he raise the indoor temperature of his home to 68 degrees, he finally got a good night’s rest where he didn’t wake up because of the temperature.

How Indoor Air Temperature Affects Your Sleep

Most sleep experts agree the indoor temperature of your sleeping area directly affects how comfortable you feel in your sleeping quarters and how well and how long you sleep. Why? “According to a biology professor at Standford, Ph.D. professor H. Craig Keller, it’s similar to an internal thermostat. When your body is too hot or cold, it’s difficult for your body to set a temperature that is pleasant and conducive to sleep.

Tiny Variations
It might not seem like any dip or rise in temperature could affect your sleep that much, but it’s true. That mild drop in body temperature induces sleep. A slight rise in temperature disrupts it. While it may be easier to fall asleep faster in warm rooms, typically, that sleep doesn’t last, But, if you are in a cooler room with a more constant climate, chances are, you will generally stay asleep longer.

The most basic explanation is that how warm or cool it is in your room directly affects your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. That’s the stage of sleep you typically dream, in.

The Best Temperature for Sleeping

It’s difficult recommending a specific indoor temperature that is best for sleeping because everyone is different. What may be comfortable for me may not be for you. While most sleep experts recommend setting your indoor temperature at between 65 and 72 degrees to be comfortable, your experience may be different, especially if you have medical issues. Your best bet is to try different temperatures and choose the one that meets most of the people in your family.

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