Can Uneven Cooling in a Home Be Fixed?

Among the most common cooling problems that homeowners deal with is unevenness. You set the thermostat to a particular temperature. The system reaches that temperature, but some areas of your home still feel too warm. This is particularly common in multi-level residences. Here are some of the ways that you can fix uneven cooling issues.

Optimize Your Return Vents

Obstructed return vents are a common problem that Integrity Heating & Cooling encounters as a leading provider of air conditioning services in Charlotte. Vents must not be blocked by things like furniture. Vents should be clear of dust and any debris. Vents should also be optimally positioned, such as above windows, and while you cannot easily move your vents, you can install deflectors that redirect the cooled air as needed.

Optimize Airflow

Avoid closing vents in unused rooms. Don’t close off rooms by shutting the doors either. Consider adding ceiling fans to rooms that lack them. Ceiling fans don’t make a room cooler, but they make people cooler and help to distribute conditioned air more evenly. Make sure that the fans are set to blow warm air upward and not downward for the most efficient cooling. A common piece of advice is to set the HVAC fan to the on position, but this should just be a temporary fix rather than a long-term solution.

Have Your Ducts Inspected

It’s a good idea to have your ducts inspected and cleaned at least every several years. If you’ve never had them inspected, schedule that exam as soon as possible. Ducts can develop leaks that lets conditioned airflow into less-than-ideal areas of your home, which causes unevenness.

Schedule a Home Energy Assessment

If you take these steps and still experience unevenness, consider scheduling a whole-home energy assessment. This problem can have a number of potential causes, such as an undersized air conditioner, inadequate insulation in the attic or elsewhere, windows and doors that are allowing conditioned air to escape and so forth.

Year-Round Comfort

Integrity Heating & Cooling is your number one choice for year-round comfort. In addition to cooling, we specialize in heating, standby generators and indoor air quality. Call today to learn how we can help you to achieve even cooling throughout your home.

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