Can Air Conditioning Trigger Asthma?

Poor air quality For very many years now, it has become general knowledge that the combination of cold air and humidity leads to the swelling of the trachea and the voice box. Asthma patients usually have very sensitive airways and may find that when the North Carolina summer temperatures soar, along with the humidity levels, their asthma signs begin to act up and worsen.

Indoor Air Quality for Asthmatic People

Other established causes of asthma include allergens such as pollen, pet dander, and dust particles which gets into your home via the air and settles on your carpet, furniture and your AC filters. Many people do not realize that the indoor air could be twice hazardous than the outdoor air.

Indoor air quality is as essential as the treatment of asthma itself. NASA’s research in 1989 found out that indoor pollution is the main cause of asthma in small children. When purchasing an HVAC system, any professional AC company will inquire about any asthmatic person in the home and will likely offer to add a secondary filtration.

How Air Conditioners Cause Asthma

Many physicians have come out to warn people against spending long hours in air-conditioned rooms to avoid triggering asthma attacks. As your air conditioner operates, it blows the small particles in the air which you later inhale unknowingly. Continuous running of the HVAC system triggers the growth of mold on surfaces of the home and subsequently leading to allergies, pneumonia and other respiratory infections.

It is worth noting that regular HVAC maintenance is significant. A clean and sufficiently running AC ensure that air being blown is cold and fresh. Humidity control, proper filtration and adequate ventilation all contribute to healthy indoor air quality.

What To Do

A lot can be done to regulate and reduce asthmatic attacks and symptoms. It all falls on the Air Conditioner. We all understand that the air conditioner plays an integral part in our lives– Cooling during the hot summer season and heating during the frigid winter season. However, how we manage it and maintain it matters a lot.

At the beginning of every season, it’s essential that you check the filters, the ducts and any other vital part for cleaning, servicing or repair. Schedule routine maintenance with your local technician to test the system before you begin running it. Ensure your home is clean and dust free especially during the hot season. Vacuum the carpet regularly and always keep the windows open to allow fresh air.

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