AC Dangers: What You Should Never Do

4 Common AC Dangers to Avoid

The air conditioner is a complicated appliance that requires proper care and maintenance to work well throughout the warmer seasons. Many homeowners neglect this appliance and fail to give it the attention that it deserves throughout the year. If you want to avoid potential AC dangers, there are a few mistakes to avoid.

1. Neglecting Annual Tune-Ups

Hire a company like Integrity Heating & Cooling in Charlotte to perform an annual tune-up on your appliance. This will include cleaning the condenser coils and inspecting the parts. A technician can determine if any issues have begun to develop, which can be immediately repaired.

2. Allowing Shrubs to Get Too Close

Plants and shrubs that are in proximity to the AC system outside can lead to damage once they begin to grow into the appliance and have contact with the parts. From twigs to leaves, the elements can affect how well the parts operate over time. Create proper clearance around the AC system to ensure that the appliance continues to operate well long-term without expensive repairs needed.

3. Failing to Use Ceiling Fans

Many homeowners rely too much on their AC system to keep their interior setting cool, which can put excess wear on the parts. Ceiling fans help to circulate air in the building and will lower the energy usage on the property.

4. Avoiding Repairs

Whether you hear rattling noises or your indoor air quality is poor, putting off repairs on your AC system can lead to the appliance failing if you wait too long. You’ll need to hire a professional to fix the parts to avoid dangers that can occur in the future.

Contact Integrity Heating & Cooling today to learn more about how to care for your air conditioner. Our company has NATE-certified technicians and offers emergency 24/7 service to ensure that customers can stay comfortable in their homes at any time of the day or night. We’re also a Trane and Lennox dealer that can perform HVAC installations. We have offices in Charlotte and Denver, NC.

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