3 Reasons To Use A Humidifier During Flu Season

During the winter, an indoor heating system can dry out the air. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which reduces the dryness that comes with cold weather. These units come in different sizes and price ranges, so anyone who needs one can find a unit to meet his or her needs. Central humidifiers make it easy to keep the air in your home healthy and resistant to germs. Consider these three reasons for using a humidifier during the flu season.

1. Humidifiers Create an Environment that is Unwelcome to Germs

Dry conditions allow germs to spread easily. Adding humidity to the air slows down the movement of germs, making the spread from person to person more difficult. Studies show that the flu virus seems to weaken and becomes ineffective in spaces where the humidity is high. A whole-house humidifier or a central humidifier can be an important part of a home’s heating system.

2. Humidifiers Help with Flu Symptom Relief

Nobody wants the flu, but the pesky virus can, unfortunately, hit the healthiest of people. In addition to the achiness and low energy that comes with the flu, dry cough, nose irritation, and sinus congestion can add to the misery. Humidity in the air provides relief for these symptoms and shorten their duration.

3. A Humidifier Can Improve the Quality of Sleep and Rest

Dry air can make breathing uncomfortable and trigger coughs even in people who don’t have the flu. Air with higher humidity can make it easier to breathe, prevent coughing, and enable individuals to sleep and rest better. Reducing these symptoms is particularly important for young children and their parents since coughing and nasal congestion can keep children awake at night.

Learn How a Central Humidifier Can Make Your Home Healthier

Let us show you how a central humidifier can keep your home healthier. Call Integrity Heating & Cooling today and see how easy it is to add health-promoting humidity to the air in your home. We provide a variety of heating and cooling services to residents in Charlotte and Denver, NC.

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