Changing Air Filters: Simple But Crucial to Your AC

While changing your air filter is a simple and common practice, the importance of replacing it cannot be overstressed. With the reasons ranging from your personal health to your home finances, taking the time to change your air filters regularly should be made a priority. Here are the reasons why changing air filters is crucial to your AC.

Air Filters Contribute to Clean Indoor Air

Other than cooling your living space, your AC has the additional function of helping maintain a high quality of air for your home. If the air filters become clogged, the AC will not be able to perform this function and any harmful particles will continue to circulate in your house, affecting your health. At Integrity Heating & Cooling, we make it our priority to safeguard the health of our customers in the Greater Charlotte area while reducing their energy costs.

Keeps Your Air Conditioner Problem-Free

The air conditioner’s air filters play an important role in the operation of the unit. When your AC’s filter gets backed up with all sorts of debris, this may cause it to overheat in its attempt to continue to cool your space. Allow the air conditioner to operate long enough on a clogged filter and it may start to produce warm air since the refrigerant won’t be able to absorb the heat.

Saves You Money on Repairs and Electricity

Constantly running your air conditioner on a dirty filter will require more often and costly repair visits by your technician. Changing the filter regularly means having an AC that only requires routine maintenance. If your air conditioner is constantly breaking down, repair costs can add up and eventually you may need to replace it altogether. Besides avoiding costly repairs, keeping the AC running on a clean filter will offer you significant savings on your electricity bill, and you will be making your contribution to the environment by requiring less energy for your cooling needs.

Change Your Air Filter Today

Contact Integrity Heating & Cooling today to schedule maintenance for your AC. We have NATE-certified HVAC technicians, and we also offer solutions for your commercial HVAC needs like repairs and installations.

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