Avoiding Temperature Extremes in Your Home

Few things are more annoying than uneven cooling in a home. Unfortunately, it’s common for a house to have certain hot rooms while other areas remain cold. This can lead to higher utility bills if you go to extra lengths to make your home comfortable. Does your house have hot or cold rooms? Here are some things you can do to change that.

  • Move furniture away from vents
  • Get a professional to clean your vents
  • Get a professional to check the duct insulation in your attic
  • Get a zone system for your house

Moving Furniture

If you place heavy furniture directly in front of vents, the air cannot travel through the house properly. This will bring uneven cooling because all the cool air will only go to certain rooms. Simply moving your furniture could solve this problem.

Get a Professional to Clean Your Vents

When vents are filthy, they may inhibit air flow. Your unit will definitely have to work harder, which makes it less efficient. You can get a professional to help you with this.

Get a Professional to Check Your Duct Insulation

Your attic tends to go with temperature extremes. If it is cold outside, your attic will be super cold. If it is hot outside, your attic will be extremely hot. If your ducts are not properly insulated, they will absorb these temperatures and affect the cooling and heating in the rest of your house.

Get a Zone System

A zone system allows you to control individual areas of your house rather than having one set temperature for the whole house. These systems may be expensive to install, but it is hard to put a price on comfort. Besides, they will tend to make your unit more efficient because the AC in various rooms won’t be in competition.

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